It's Time for Another Reset!

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    Hey Darcraftians!

    We will be resetting this upcoming Saturday, December 16th, at around 3 PM PT. We have some changes planned, including the removal of our current land-claiming plugin in favor of the very popular Towny plugin! We are looking to make DarCraft a better server for friends to come on and play together, and hopefully this plugin will help promote more player interactions and towns for players to enjoy.

    As always, everything will be deleted when the server resets besides play time, ranks, and /chest for Supporters and Darcraftians. For a list of banned items for your virtual chest, click here.

    Although DarCraft is resetting on the 16th, we still have a lot of changes in the works that will roll out within the next few weeks/months. It is no secret that DarCraft isn't as popular as it used to be, and we are committed to help bring back the community by ensuring that the players are satisfied with what DarCraft has to offer. If you have any constructive feedback for us, please be sure to let us know either on the forums or using our Discord.

    Thanks for the support, and please be sure to come check us out once we reset!

    - Darren
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